Electric Bath Brush

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(1) Long handle design (you can wash any part of the body by yourself), waterproof design, replaceable brush head (four brush heads are given)
(2) Press to automatically release the shower gel;
(3) Massage, rub the body to remove dead skin function;
(4) Bath ball, foaming
(5) Foot rub. The brush contains rubbing stones in the middle of the brush. It rubs on the feet and can treat hard calluses, foot pads, athlete's foot, etc., especially for patients with rough, chapped, and peeling skin on the soles of the feet. Repeated rubbing frequently can also massage the acupoints of the feet, accelerate microcirculation, adjust blood pressure, improve sleep, relieve fatigue, and promote body metabolism.

Applicable object: general
Packing size: 21.5*19.5*8.5
Product weight (including color box): 500g

Package Content :
Massager*1 Massage head*4 Data cable*1

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