Litty Kittys Vaginal Detox Suppositories

Precio de venta$15.00


🍃 For odorless, tighter & juicier vaginas
🍃 No odor after you use the bathroom
🍃 No after-sex odor
🍃 Be spontaneous with sex
🍃 Enhances love making
🍃 Results within 6 hours
🍃 Effects last for about 30 days
🍃 Excellent to use at end of menstrual cycle
🍃 Excellent for women on Pescatarian diets
🍃 Excellent for constant yeast infections
🍃 Excellent for women who struggle w BV
🍃 Relief from Herpes outbreaks
🍃 Relief from Hemorrhoids
🍃 You only need 1-3 pills per month
🍃 Natural Sea Salt Based Mineral Ingredients
🍃 $15/2-pills. $25/4-pills. or $35/8-pills (shipping incl)
$135/60-pills.. $240/120-pills.. $320/180-pills

you insert one suppository in your vagina preferably before bed. It dissolves within 6 hours. Shower when you wake up and you're good to go. 1 is good for 2weeks up to a month

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