Mobile Phone Radiator

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Exquisite and lightweight
Smooth operation without blocking your hands
New mobile phone cooling essentials
Just control the required temperature
Intelligent temperature control black technology
Instantly reduce the temperature
Multiple cooling channels
Play for 24 hours, not stuck or hot
High-tech refrigeration aluminum alloy cooling net
Heat dissipation increased by 6 times
Large area cooling

Material: ABS+Ice Porcelain+Aluminum Alloy
Product size: 50*79*23.5mm
Product weight: 135g
Product color: G6 plug-in air-cooled type, H15 plug-in type (black), H15 plug-in type (silver), H15 battery type (black), H15 battery type (silver), X1A mute electroplated semiconductor (black), X1A mute Electroplating semiconductor (silver), X2 dual-core refrigeration semiconductor (black), X2 dual-core refrigeration semiconductor (silver color), X3B refrigeration clip color (no battery), X3A refrigeration silent (500*2 battery), X5 all-metal refrigeration semiconductor (black) ), X5 all-metal refrigeration semiconductor (silver), X6 magnetic water cooling 3 times enhanced (high-gloss black), play DL02 while charging [Type-C interface], play DL02 while charging [Apple interface]

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