Our mission seeks to bridge the gap and unify ancient cultural values into a modern interface while using a foundation of ancestral balance and love to open the way and inspire generations to build for eternity. Our purpose is to Unify, Uplift, and Unapologetically promote all MELANIN People globally and establish a important link between the African people on the continent and people in the US who love and appreciate their work, traditions, and unique cultures. We seek this because we know for far too long Africa and its people have been exploited and left aside from the global consumer map. Our love for our people and our culture drives us to uphold and push the standard of, 'For Us by Us'

We intend to fulfill this mission including earning the loyalty of the customers we serve by, providing a customer-focused service, fulfilling their needs with our exceptional quality products , and continuous innovation as being a global leader of distribution and merchandising in the world of African and cultural African inspired products. Our Customers and our suppliers, large or small, no matter where they are, are essential components in accomplishing our mission and building for eternity.

We seek to provide awareness, insight , and education through a cultural medium
infused with ancient wisdom. Our intent to do this is based on virtues and principles we hold dear, the PRINCIPLES OF MAAT or Balance. These principles are the foundation and Principles of MLNNATION.