Portrait Human Head Vase

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Bullet Points:

1、Premium & Decorative: The flower vase is made of high-quality ceramics, with a smooth and bright surface, and it is durable and beautiful.
2、Versatile Vase: More than a flower vase, this vase can be used as a storage container for small items or as a pen holder.
3、Grace Home Decor: Ideal for flower arrangement art, adding plant flowers to bring greenness and freshness to your house. (Please note that plants are Not Included)
4、Wide Applications: Perfect for living room, bedroom, dining table vase, office, coffee shop, etc.
5、Ideal Gift: A great addition to add charm and beauty to your living space. A fabulous gift for relatives, friends, family, loved ones. A great gift idea for birthday.


Premium & Decorative: The flower vase is made of high-quality ceramics, with a smooth and bright surface, and it is durable and beautiful.
Versatile Vase: More than a flower vase, this vase can be used as a storage container for small items or as a pen holder.
Grace Home Decor: Ideal for flower arrangement art, adding plant flowers to bring greenness and freshness to your house. (Please note that plants are Not Included)
Wide Applications: Perfect for living room, bedroom, dining table vase, office, coffee shop, etc.
Ideal Gift: A great addition to add charm and beauty to your living space. A fabulous gift for relatives, friends, family, loved ones. A great gift idea for birthday.


Name: Flower Vase
Material: Ceramic
Size: as shown

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