Why do we need to take such good care of our liver?

The liver is the king organ of blood distribution. A healthy liver is of vital importance to avoid getting sick.

The human being detoxifies daily and it is necessary to help the body to eliminate the accumulated toxic load and the liver plays a fundamental role in this process.

Gastric reflux, stomach inflammation, cramps, irregularities in urine, general fatigue, lack of energy, brown spots on the skin, occasional depression, laziness to wake up, excess alcohol, among others, are signs to start changes and take care of your liver and general health.

The nutritional part is fundamental for a healthy liver and the control of stress, anger and rage also, these emotions influence its functioning. You can take care and protect your liver with detoxification therapies.

The liver keeps us in constant purification.

It filters the blood and purifies it.
It metabolizes carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins.
It converts carbohydrates and proteins into fats.
Secretes bile, which is in charge of helping with the digestion of fats, metabolizes cholesterol and bilirubins, among others.
Stores glycogen.
Converts fructose into glucose.
Stores iron.
Eliminates drugs, hormones and some other substances.

Some frequent symptoms of a possible toxic liver:

Headaches or migraine.
Spots on the skin.
Sleep problems.
Fatty liver.
High bad cholesterol.
insulin resistance
bad breath (halitosis)
fatigue and tiredness
Irregularities in the urine.
Jaundice (yellow-greenish color in the sclerae of the eyes and skin).

Let's evaluate your liver and improve your health in an integral way. Let me help you in this process, find wellness and health. Make changes now and remember that medicine is also preventive.

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