Hanging Neck Air Freshener

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Portable design
The hanging air purifier is only 85*37*21cm/ 3.34*1.45*0.83inch(L*W*H) size, compact and lightweight, not occupying much installation space. The attached stainless steel chain can turn it into a small necklace easily for convenient of neck wearing, perfect for daily carrying and travel usage, cleaning the surround air in 15 seconds, removing PM2.5, formaldehyde, secondhand-smoke by the negative ion effectively.
Adjustable mode design & memory function

The hanging air purifier has adjustable modes to choose freely among 8000-12000 W/ cubic centimeters arrange, sufficing your different using need. Besides, the negative ion generator can remember the last mode at the next boot, no need of adjust again.
Easy operation display
The hanging air purifier with digital battery indicator and mode icons is easy to operate, no complex process. You can adjust the mode and control the power by only one button conveniently.
Safe design
The negative ion necklace is designed with two heightened negative ion transmitter tips, not easy to be touched directly, safe and reliable for daily usage.

New Way of Air Purification

This small air purifier necklace uses an advanced way of purifying air. Our personal ionizer air filter necklace releases small negative ions that help to remove PM 2.5, dust, pollens, smokes and other air impurities which are all harmful to our lungs, so we can be at ease that we're breathing a cleaner air, and there's no any filter needed to change.


  • Advanced Air Purifiers
  • Air purifier necklace is a product of our advanced technology that aims to provide cleaner and safer air for us to breath. This wearable mini air purifier does the function of air purifier and comes with an advanced feature of showing the temperature and humidity checker of the surroundings.
  • New and Advanced Feature
  • This  air purifier necklace doesn't just help to clean the air that you breath, but also helps in checking the surroundings temperature and humidity. Having the right surrounding's temperature and humidity can help with the effectiveness of our immune defenses and minimize the spread of viruses in the air.
  • Rechargeable Battery and Stylish Design
  • This travel air purifier is equipped with a rechargeable battery that has 12 hrs. working time after a 2 hour charge. It uses Type-C USB connector which is included in the package. Our ionizer necklace also comes with an extra necklace, so you can mix and match with your clothes and still be stylish while wearing this.

  • Specification:
    Voltage: DC5V
    Power: < 1W
    Current: < 50mA
    Battery capacity: 700mAh
    Weight: 46 grams
    Material: ABS + PC
    Product size: 80.0*35.5*22.5mm
    Negative ion release: >8*107 ions/cm3

    Package Content :
    1* hanging air purifier
    1* Type-c cable
    1* manual
    1* stainless steel chain
    1* chain adjustment tool
    1* package box


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