Yoni Detox Pearls-3 Pack

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♡Detox pearls are small cloth-covered balls packed with herbs like Mothersworth, Rhizoma, Angelica, Osthol and Borneol. This cocktail of herbs are designed to rid the uterus and vagina of “toxins,” negative emotions, hormonal imbalances, fibroids, and endometriosis, etc.

♡We suggest start with 2 full cleanses (6 pearls) and journaling the progress then order more as needed. Please remember our pearls are also intended for you to get closer with your reproductive area. We want you to reconnect with your private area, this is why we recommend buying 2 cleanses especially if it’s your first time using them to know for sure if they are beneficial for you.

♡The specially selected components present in the herbs from which Yoni Detox Pearls are manufactured create a strong and highly potent pulling effect that expels toxins, dead cells, and bad bacteria while drawing out old blood clots, mucus and more from inside you. They function simultaneously to give a tightening effect and preventing vaginal dryness. It contains powerful traditional herbs that help to remove toxins from the vagina; these herbs are also effective as their pulling effect are responsible for improving blood circulation around the womb, perineum and uterus thereby creating a detoxifying effect for ailments in the vaginal region.

♡Yoni Detox Pearls are typically pulled out from your vagina after 2-3 days of insertion. Upon removal, it will be clear that it has adsorbed a substantial amount of toxins, germs and bacteria as it will have become bigger than before. After your cleanse you will notice previous symptoms like odor, pain, vaginal itching and other gynecological symptoms will have been decreased and greatly relieved. Additionally, all bacteria and thick secretions are absorbed by the suppository and ejected after use. You will also notice that urinary frequency and urgency will slowly disappear while leucorrhoea and its accompanying odor will vanish completely.

♡Yoni Detox Pearls will help to improve the vaginal tissue metabolism and encourage the healing of the vaginal and uterine wound created by childbirth and abortion thereby repairing the vaginal walls to a smooth texture and a healthy state. Once detoxing is complete, the blood and endocrine levels will become balanced and well regulated as ovarian and androgen secretion of hormones returns to normal.

♡Yoni Detox Pearls provide effective vaginal tightening and are highly efficient in decreasing vaginal dryness. They are an effective solution that prevents bacterial Vaginosis and yeast infections. They are a holistic and all natural approach to restore feminine health and confidence.

♡Yoni Detox Pearl are the perfect Natural Vaginal Detox solution and are targeted to help improve a lot of vaginal health conditions. As a result of their safe and all natural components, they bring soothing relief to a wide variety of conditions including; Bacterial infections, Yeast infections, Heavy/irregular menstruation, fibroids, infertility and vaginal dryness. They are also effective in the treatment of conditions like endometriosis, vaginal odour, pelvic inflammatory disease, genital itching, urine incontinence and in the expulsion of fluid build-up that accumulates during the menstrual cycle. This expulsion reduced the risks of cysts and fibroid and fosters a better vaginal health.

♡In use, Yoni Detox Pearls have proven to help many women improve vaginal tightness and have helped to boost their sex life. It is manufactured from entirely natural processes that are based on holistic ingredients sourced from the traditional Chinese medicine that has been around for more than 5000 years.

♡Yoni Detox Pearls do not contain chemical additives and are manufactured in the most sterile environments. The manufacturing process is conducted under strict safety conditions and in “GMP” standard approved facilities in order to ensure that they pass rigorous health standards and offer maximum health benefits. They have absolutely no side effects, are non-toxic and have passed more than 1000 clinical trials to further confirm the safety of its components.

Yoni Gems Detox Suppositories is suitable and helpful for people with;
Vaginal itching and abnormal vaginal discharge(Leucorrhea)
Painful and irregular menstruation
Annex inflammation, Cervical Erosion, an Endometriosis
Yeats Infection, Bacterial Vaginitis and Pelvic inflammatory disease.
Diseases of the uterus including Uterine Fibroids and Ovarian Cysts.
Gynecological diseases, poor sexual health. Melasma and Dark spots.

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